Three Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month and it’s just around the corner. Chaucie’s Place has worked to protect children for almost two decades. After recent legislation passed, an enormous opportunity presented itself to reach children and teens across the state with our programs. Our mission to end youth abuse and suicide has not changed, but our name has. Chaucie’s Place is now the Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse and Suicide (ICPYAS). ICPYAS aims to give families, schools and churches the tools to keep kids safe from abuse and suicide.

You can be a part of the solution to end abuse. Here are three things you can do to help keep your kids safe:

1. Take a class. ICPYAS offers classes for adults who want to learn about how to protect children from abuse. Our Stewards of Children class teaches adults how to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse. Visit to see our upcoming classes.

2. Teach your child about secrets. Abusers often tell children that abuse should be kept secret. ICPYAS teaches kids that secrets can always be told to a trusted adult. Teach your children that they can be open and honest with you to combat this common predator technique.

3. Ask your child’s school about their body safety program. Indiana schools are now required to teach staff about preventing child abuse and neglect, and to educate their students about staying safe. Many Indiana schools use ICPYAS’s trained staff to educate students and teachers. Ask your child’s school about what program they use and if they have any parent materials for you to learn about their program. Don’t be afraid to ask your child what they learned and if they have any questions.

ICPYAS is passionate about creating a safe community for all children to learn, grow, and play. ICPYAS provides prevention education to over 90,000 Indiana students each school year. We also offer volunteer opportunities for families each year at our Carmel office. To find out more about ICPYAS and our life-saving educational programs, visit

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