Cooperation and Family Goals

Have you thought about creating a “family goal” for 2019? Parents have an intuitive sense of what they want for their family but oftentimes have difficulty finding the time to really assess how to implement their ideas because of the hectic lifestyle that accompanies normal family life.

January is a great time to review what you would envision in terms of family interaction or structure. Once you have thought about what you would like to see in the family it can be helpful to hold a family meeting to discuss how you and the kids might want to incorporate family goals into the daily routine.

Would you like to see your kids more active and off their phones less?

Perhaps you would like to find a family show to watch so that you can congregate in the great room one night a week and share a common experience.

Some families want to create a new habit that will integrate good family values like attending church or synagogue or volunteering once a month at a local nursing home. Is that something that you could initiate with your tribe?

The truth of the matter is that you have a great opportunity to make a difference in the way your family functions, but we live in such a fast-paced society, that it is often tough to find the energy to make that happen.

When you feel pulled to address some family needs it can be important to find some of your own time to get quiet and reflect on what changes you might see for your family. Often, journaling is an excellent process to assist you in organizing your thoughts and figuring out what is important to you. After you have collected your thoughts, you can let the family know that you would like to hold a family meeting to share your ideas and to get a “buy in” from them as to how to activate the plans.

You will likely be met with two reactions. They will either be excited to help you implement the plans and have some ideas as to how the family can actualize the goal or they may want things to stay the same and you will feel some natural inertia. Sometimes new ideas can be met with some resistance but as the CEO of your family, you can explain why this is important to you and how it will benefit the entire family.

We live in a society where kids have been given a lot of power to contribute and so there might be some pushback when it comes to instilling important family values. So, make sure they have a platform for their feelings but make it clear that being part of the family means that there will be times that they have to go along with the changes even when it may interfere with their regular routine.

Working within the family is the best opportunity to teach children how to cooperate for the betterment of the group. It is also where they learn how to use their voice and how to respect each other’s opinions and ideas. You get to role model how to do that and how to assist them in crafting their communication style. This is no easy feat and yet it is essential to the team. The important thing to remember is as CEO, it is your responsibility to manage your family effectively. Goal setting and change is inevitable when moving forward in life.

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