The Starting Line Preschool

A graduate of Butler University with a degree in elementary education Diane Atkins opened The Starting Line Preschool in 1994 after realizing that the Preschools in the area were either full-day daycare or church facilities. She wanted to offer an academic learning environment for children ages 3 and 4. She added a 2-year old program a few years later.

Her vision was to provide a structured academic based curriculum where children would be exposed to and master things like the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and sight words as well as work on writing skills, coloring, cutting and painting through a variety of arts and crafts. All of which would create a solid foundation for them as they began their lifelong journey of learning.

Along with the academic curriculum she incorporates the performing arts by putting on shows/plays throughout the year performed at a local theater. They learn songs and dances which build confidence in the students to try new things and boost self-confidence by performing up on a stage.

The Starting Line has classrooms that are bursting with learning opportunities where the children have access to a variety of activities to enhance their learning. Art, math, science, social studies, are all included and add to the uniqueness of this preschool.

The school has a basement activity room used for our indoor recess. It has mats, climbing/sliding equipment along with a variety of toys. The fenced in outside playground is packed with equipment for numerous energetic activities.

The Starting Line Preschool provides a positive personalized opportunity for intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth for every child as they begin their lifelong journey of learning.

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