Creating More Confidence in Your Child?

Human behavior is complex. Everyone is uniquely different. We were all born with different strengths and weaknesses. When clients come in and want to feel better about their self concept, I tell them they must learn to believe in themselves. It becomes more difficult when you are instilling those values in your child

Kids who believe in themselves have a positive mindset that feeds their goals, their drives, and their ambitions. They become their own cheerleader and can tell themselves that they can do it. But what about the child who doubts him or herself. What can you do to reinforce their self-worth?

The # 1 thing that you can do as their parent is to believe in yourself and teach them by example, how you have accomplished self-mastery. There is no doubt that they are watching you so talking out loud and letting them hear you being positive and proactive will set the stage for modeling. You need to be able to problem solve with confidence and assuredness. Do you model that for your kids? Would your kids say, “Mom is awesome at decorating my room?” or Would your daughter be able to say, ‘My mom always takes out time to be with her friends!” Or my dad rocks the volley ball court?”

Kids who tend to doubt themselves need to see parents who are not detoured easily. When you put yourself to the test do you undergo projects with a “can do it” attitude? Kids need to see that you are capable of setting goals. Share with them when you are saving money or budgeting for a project or car. Let them know when you are working on fitness or working on losing weight so that your child can get excited with and for you. Role modeling is always the best way to teach persistence and determination.

Tell your child that believing in oneself is a choice one makes every day and just like a computer your child can design his own program!

When you get up in the morning teach your child to say something positive. It may be as simple as “I can’t wait to get to school” or “It is a pretty sunrise” or” I know that I am going to ace that history test.”

Life can be difficult and good self-esteem requires that you make the choice to feed your mind powerful thoughts. There are lots of ways to empower your sense of self and feed a positive attitude of self-belief.

  • Teach your child to create one or two statements that can create good energy for the day. “I can make a difference,” “I can do anything I put my mind to “or “I am going to have an awesome day!

  • Teach your children to practice closing their eyes and spending 15 seconds visualizing doing something special like leading a class prayer or winning student council or sharing your favorite stuffed animal with your friend who was diagnosed with cancer. It is always good to talk about ways to show other people human kindness.

It’s a huge responsibility to take every opportunity to teach your child how to cultivate positive thoughts and images that build his or her sense of self. But remember that your child is watching your actions, so you need to practice that skill yourself.

Your children have everything they need to be the person who achieves their dreams once they master the confidence in themselves!

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