Two Common Misconceptions About ABA Therapy

Many parents have misconceptions about what Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is and how it is used to treat Autism. The most common misconception is “my child doesn’t have behavior problems, so we don’t need ABA.” Parents are often surprised to learn that ABA is not solely for treating problem behavior. ABA Therapy can be used to teach communication, social, and daily living behaviors.

ABA teaches children how to communicate their wants and needs, to label items in their environment, hold conversations, understand sarcasm and jargon, play appropriately with toys, learn the rules of and play board games, put on clothes, brush their teeth – and so much more! Additionally, ABA Therapy can help children who have a fear of dentists, don’t like the buzz of the clippers when getting a haircut, or have difficulty shopping in stores such as Wal-Mart or Meijer.

A second misconception about ABA is “My child is 14 and too old for ABA.” Individuals with Autism have needs that change as they get older. As children get older, parents may want help to teach their child to learn how to form friendships, work within a group, or to learn interviewing and vocational skills. The techniques and procedures used in ABA can help to teach a variety of behaviors to children of all ages.

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