3 ways to help kids deal with bullies

3 ways to help kids deal with bullies

As kids go back to school, it is important to educate them on bully prevention. 1 in 4 children report having been bullied at least once during the school year. Here are 3 ways you can help your child deal with bullies.

1. Watch for possible signs of bullying, including not wanting to go to school or ride the bus; “losing” clothes or other items; torn clothing; and a lack of friends. Another red flag is a child who comes home angry.

4. Forget the myths about bullies being aggressive because they’re insecure. Many are popular and use their social power to pick on weaker children. One motivating factor with bullies choosing their target is that their victim is somehow viewed as different from them

3. Don’t ignore bullies. That often leads to an increase in violence. Bullies are motivated by a need for power, a need to control and an inability to direct their aggressive feelings in more acceptable ways. Many children don’t have a clear response to bullying behavior. Let them know they can respond in a positive way by walking away, using their words to say they don’t like that behavior, and they can turn to friends and adults who can help.

Self-confidence and a clear list of options is a great way to arm your child against bullies. At Phoenix Rising Karate, we teach students to identify bullying behavior and positive ways they can deal with them.

For a complete list visit our website at www.phoenixrisngkarate.com

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