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Get to know The Applied Behavior Center for Autism

Celebrating 20 Years as Indiana’s Largest & Longest Running ABA Therapy Provider ABC has grown to be the largest and longest running ABA therapy provider in the state of Indiana. With 20 years under our belt, we are building brighter futures every day. We are now proud to offer 7 outpatient facilities throughout the state. This includes our Indy North Center, Early Childhood Center, Carmel Center, Indy West Center, Greenwood Center, Richmond Center and our Terre Haute Center. Each of our centers offers a unique blend of amenities including custom-crafted indoor gyms and individual therapy rooms. In addition to Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy and Behavior Consulting we offer the following services to ALL children with Special Needs: Diagnostic Testing, Indoor Swim Lessons, and Speech Therapy. The best part is we are enrolling now at select locations! ABA Therapy All seven of our locations treat patients on a one-on-one basis with a treatment known as applied behavior analysis. Behavior analysis is a scientific approach to understanding how the environment influences behavior. The term “behavior” refers to all types of performance, not only inappropriate or undesirable actions. Speech, language, social, learning, daily living, leisure and vocational skills all are behaviors. ABA focuses on using proven procedures to increase desired behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors. These techniques can be used in structured settings (e.g., classrooms and therapy clinics) and more natural settings (e.g., playgrounds and restaurants). ABA has been used successfully with people of all ages, with and without disabilities, in a variety of settings to promote independence, quality of life and happiness. Once a child receives the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it’s important to get him or her into a therapy program, as ABA therapy has the best track record of scientifically demonstrating effective treatments. Through individualized plans for each child and tracking daily progress at The Applied Behavior Center, we see the quality of life improve not only for the child but for the whole family. Diagnostic Testing At The Applied Behavior Center, we provide specialists who offer diagnostic services for any suspected condition whether it be mental health, special needs or other circumstances. Unlike many of our competitors, our current wait time is less than two weeks and you receive written assessment results within 7-10 days of your appointment! Indoor Swim Lessons Open to all disabilities, ABC is thrilled to offer special needs swim lessons for ages 3 and up of all abilities through our Carmel Facility. Private and semi-private lessons are done in our indoor, heated, therapeutic pool and taught by our experienced staff with years of aquatic training. Did you know? The CDC has reported “Drowning is the leading cause of death for individuals with Autism.” Speech Therapy At ABC, we use Verbal Behavior style ABA which promotes the development of language with children on a functional level. We are now enrolling with minimal wait time! We Provide Full Insurance Management Services *Free of Charge* At ABC, we understand that there are several stresses and pressures that come with searching for the right services for your child. Sorting through insurance struggles should not be another stressor added to that list. Because of this, our trained team of experts handles all insurance processing on behalf of our clients. This is a service that we offer to all families completely free of charge. Find us across social @ABCforAutism To learn more about our services for children with or without autism visit us at or give us a call at 317-849-KIDS, Ext. 104!

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