I Read is coming! Is your 3rd Grader Ready?

At j&R Tutoring a few of our third graders have already shared with us that they fear the upcoming i-Read exam. Whenever I hear that, it makes me very sad. I wonder what children are hearing at school that would instill fear long before Christmas about something that does not happen until March!? Sadly, the children’s results reflect on the teacher. Is that fair? I’m not so sure that it is. Not all third graders reach the same developmental level at the same time, or more importantly, in March! The never-ending tide of developmental standards has literally strangled the education process. Standards used to be a goal for which a student strived. Now it is a barometer that determines if the teacher is doing the job. How did we get so turned around? Personally, I do not think this is fair to either the student or the teacher. At j&R we are trying to help. Beginning the week of January 9 we will offer a 10 week course designed to prepare students for iRead. We will cover subject matter, but we also will address how to take a standardized test. I know this may sound a little silly, but this will be the first “real” test a student takes. They need to be comfortable not only with the subject matter, but also with the test taking process. Give us a call at 317-601-4182 or email renee@jnrtutoring.com for Special Pricing and times.

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