Clowns ETC Your Entertainment Company

At Clowns ETC. we are delighted to offer phenomenal parties with happy characters like Mother Goose, The Fairy Godmother, Mrs. Old Mc Donald , Authentic Pirates as well as many Clowns and other wonderful characters to delight your children. We also offer themed parties which will include a fully costumed character for boys and girls of all ages.

When I was a little Girl I loved dressing up and planning Parties with my friends. It has been a joy to continue the tradition as an adult and to bring it to new generations of Children.

In 1984 I actually started my party business on a professional basis. Each year I attend a Clown Convention to learn more about Magic, Fire Eating, Face painting, Skit Design and Costuming. This truly is a passion and my profession. In 1997 our business became a family affair including Cuddles the Clown, Sunshine, Special Sara Bella Hot-N-Tot and my Son Stand Tall The clown on stilts.

Motivated by Norman Cousins’ book, ‘‘The Importance of Laughter in Your Life” I began exploring how laughter can positively affect your health and life. Remember, Mr. Cousins cured himself of cancer through laughter. I began lecturing on the importance of laughter to one’s health and wellness. I accepted a position as an assistant to Mr. London a famous Magicain. I was able to learn much from Mr. London through long hours of training. At that point I decided Clowns ETC was my baby and decided it was all or nothing. I have been blessed to watch the profession growth of those I have worked with. Many have gone on to careers in entertainment with Ringling Brothers as well as other venues.

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