Brain Balance - Jade's Story

After Jade completed Brain Balance we noticed a huge change in her personality. Jade now loves to go to school every day and not distant with her classmates and is much better making and keeping new friends. She is also showing more understanding of her lessons at school. Jade is showing more responsibility and wanting to do things on her own, especially household chores. Jade has changed in such an amazing way! I wish I had known about Brain Balance before when Jade was only in 1st grade. It would have made the start of school so much easier for us. The best thing is that I knew it was not too late! Along with her academics improving, Jade has now gained more confidence in herself and she does not worry about things that are out of her control. My husband and I would like to thank all the Brain Balance staff for their effort, support and love of what they are doing. The Brain Balance staff will always talk to you about everything that is expected. We as parents had to be patient and manage our time for sessions, home exercises, school homework, work schedules and running errands. Sometimes it was not easy, but we had to commit our time and had to stick with the plan knowing that all of this would be so beneficial to Jade. To the all parents out there…if your child is struggling please consider Brain Balance. Call them and talk with them about your child’s struggles. They are always willing to sit down with you and talk and very willing to help. Brain Balance was so worth it!

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