Summer at Autism Parent Care

This summer is an exciting time at Autism Parent Care (APC). The founder of APC, Dr. Jane Yip, began the company with the simple idea that autism spectrum disorders affect the entire family and the treatment program of a child with autism requires a support piece to parents who face such unique challenges. Dr. Yip and a new management team are continuing to build upon the solid foundation of helping students with autism directly as well as training parents in behavior practices. A parent support group will also be offered by APC staff members who are experienced social workers. The vision is that these groups be informative and a place for parents to share the unique experiences of raising a child with autism.

APC, whenever possible, uses naturalistic settings to teach the skill deficits that are inherent with most children with autism. The strengths and special interests of each client are utilized in program development to foster an increase in motivation for our learners. Summer days offer countless opportunities for learning outside of the traditional Applied Behavior Analysis methods of teaching. It also brings the option of combining the APC in-home and center programs. The students will have more opportunities to practice social and group goals with each other with this combination.

This summer brings a renewed enthusiasm for an increase in program quality to the APC staff. The results of this will impact current and future students, as well as their families. The well-being of each individual affiliated with APC will be enhanced, and the impact from this will know no bounds.

Autism Parent Care

Since 2011, Autism Parent Care has become a service provider for the treatment of children with ASD. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) was offered to clients with ASD in conjunction with parent needs-based continuing education. In order for treatment outcome of ASD individual to be long-term, Dr. Yip believes the wiring of the brain of children with ASD needs to be changed to be more like neurotypical or “normal” children’s wiring. Dr. Yip applies live neuro-imaging techniques, qEEG, to “read” the wiring of the brains of children as they embark on therapy. From 2011 to 2013, Dr. Yip has gathered lots of clinical data as collaboration with Purdue University, Indiana and shared her findings in scientific conferences that therapy alters brain circuits for the better.

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