Autism Support Group for Parents


Call for Attendance to Our Autism Support Group for Parents, Caregivers and Families

At Autism Parent Care:; call 317-503-129 or email for details

Even though the incidence of autism is rising, resources on this topic mainly centers on treatment for the child. Seldom is the important subject of the psychological journey of the parents brought to the forefront. The exclusive focus on helping the child to get better neglects the other side of the equation: the psychological well-being of the parents and caretaker, even though the well-being of the child is dependent on the attitude and actions of caretakers.

The outside world has little understanding of the magnitude of the inner struggle of parents: physically, emotionally, financially, professionally and socially. Not only must parents care for the child (sometimes multiple children) with special needs but they must also maintain the role of breadwinner. It is time to adjust the focus, and turn the spotlight on the people who suffer by this condition. The real heroes and heroines are the parties who have to bear it day in and day out without respite. Autism is not a condition with recovery as an endpoint; those with autism have to adjust to a world they neither understand nor have a great desire to be a part of.

The future direction is to look ahead with acceptance. Autism challenges society to think outside the box; it is consciousness expanding. With the rise in incidence, there will be many who need a place, where they could thrive while being who they are. Is our society ready for this challenge?

Let us get together to encourage each other. Attendance to our parent support group is free of charge and centered on giving strength to parents. Call us for reservation. Phone: 317-503-1296 or email

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