Alyson's Story


Alyson is an amazing 5 year old, who has been through many challenges since birth. She was diagnosed at one month old with Prader Willi Syndrome, a complex genetic disorder. From that point on our lives changed. It was no longer what was good for the family as a whole but what was good for Alyson.

At 3 years old and a plethora of therapist, surgeries, and specialist later Alyson was diagnosed with autism. All myself and my husband could do was wonder what more can this sweet little girl handle. We felt hopeless. Then her developmental pediatrician recommended ABA therapy. We were willing to try and do anything for Alyson. At the time of her diagnosis with autism our family was living in Virginia. ABA services were minimal in that area, but we were able to find a small, but wonderful, ABA practice with the availability of part time services only. At that point my husband and I started to discuss what Alyson needed medically and how we could afford those opportunities. After much discussion, we made the decision to relocate myself and our two children, Alyson and her older sister Lilly, to Indiana.

My family lived here locally and we knew the medical services were amazing. As we began to look for a house we also started our search for an ABA therapy provider. We found a place soon after our search began and became excited for what it meant for our family. After Alyson’s assessment, we received a care plan and everything was in order. The week we moved to Indiana, I contacted the center to let them know we were settled and Alyson was ready to start. Then, after a month of being told Alyson would start soon, they dropped a bomb shell on us: they didn’t have room for her at their facility. I was heartbroken and crushed. We just uprooted our family, left my husband behind in Virginia to finish his military commitment, and now Alyson isn’t going to be receiving any services.

In frenzy, I began a new search. I came across the Applied Behavior Center for Autism and crossed my fingers as I called them, expecting them to tell us they didn’t have any availability since that is all we had known. I told them my story and within a week I was in the Carmel center filling out paperwork, receiving a tour, and getting everything I needed in order. By the end of the following week they had Alyson in for her assessment and one week later she started at the Carmel center. They knew the importance of her starting services as quickly as possible. I felt at home there from the start. Alyson was welcomed with open arms and she truly enjoyed going every day. (After the first week at ABC, when I didn’t get Alyson ready to go to the center that Saturday morning, she brought me her backpack and cried because she loved going so much.)

Alyson has now been at ABC for 10 months. She has made a lot of progress. She can now write the letter A and is working towards writing her name. She increased her ability to sign for everyday items, and recently she has started to use an electronic communication app as her main method of communication. For the first time in 5 years we are able to have a steady form of communication. Her life has changed for the better and we know this is just the beginning for her. She has a tremendous amount of potential and ABC has made it possible for her to have the capability to reach it. ABC has become our second family. They were the best happenstance and I am glad we found care through them!

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