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Kids love to create art and while any art class can (and should) encourage your child’s creativity, at Myart, we know there is much more to drawing and painting than just putting paintbrush to paper. Our unique method of teaching children how to draw and paint allows Myart students to create art that goes far beyond your average art class.

Children at Myart learn how to break a drawing down into its smaller parts through guided step by step lessons. Myart instructors work one on one with each child, demonstrating how to use the different art mediums, from graphite and colored pencil to pastels, watercolors and acrylics. At Myart, we don’t just give your child paper and paint and tell them to create, we teach them how. Myart students learn the skills, techniques and craftsmanship that has enabled many of our students to go on to careers in art.

And the learning at Myart doesn’t end with art. Myart students not only learn how to successfully draw and paint, they develop essential thinking and creative problem solving skills, increase their ability to focus and concentrate, and discover increased confidence through their accomplishments at Myart.

And best of all, Myart is fun! Our weekly classes provide students with a never ending array of subjects to draw and paint. For those who can’t commit to weekly classes, we offer canvas painting events, birthday parties, and scout activities along with themed spring break and summer art camps including cartooning, animals, fantasy and more.

To learn more about Myart or to register for any of our classes or camps, please visit us at .

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