Thank you Brain Balance

Child Name- Austin M Age: 15, Freshman H.S

We started our son at Brain Balance this past September. Austin was 14 years old and has diagnosed of Asperger’s and ADHD. His behavior had gotten so out of control that we were lost. His anger and rage were putting even us as his parents at risk. We lived almost 3 hours one way from the nearest location. We hesitated with “we can’t excuses”. He was so behind in some areas that he was at a four year old level with certain brain functions. At that point we had tried everything and he needed help so why stop now. We drove six hours three days a week to Brain Balance. At first we didn’t see a lot of changes but the school started seeing big changes in his socializing and his grades were all A’s and B’s. During Thanksgiving for the first time he actually left his room, attended dinner and played games with all of us. That was a first EVER! Things just started to fall into place. He was still having some anger so I talked with the center and they suggested a neurotransmitter test. After completing the test we started natural supplements and we now have seen a completely different child. We have not seen the rage at all! I am not saying he is perfect but he is completely different and a much better young man. He just turned 15 years old and started driver’s education and doing great. The program has definitely been worth all the driving time and financial issues.

Thank you Brain Balance for changing not only Austin’s life but our lives as well!

Brent, Mistie & Austin

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