ABC at a glance: Get to know The Applied Behavior Center for Autism

We Were Founded by a Mother of a child with Autism

ABC was founded in 1997 when CEO, Sherry Quinn’s son Michael was diagnosed with Autism. At the time, Autism was a rare diagnosis. In fact, Michael was the only child in his entire school district with Autism. After doing extensive research, Sherry realized that Applied Behavior Analysis therapy was the best possible treatment for her son. At the time, that service was not offered anywhere within the state of Indiana. Sherry set out to change that.

We are Indiana’s Largest & Longest Running ABA Therapy Provider

ABC has grown to be the largest and longest running ABA therapy provider in the state of Indiana. We are proud to offer 7 beautiful outpatient facilities throughout the state. This includes our Indy North Center, Early Childhood Center, Carmel Center, Indy West Center, Greenwood Center, Richmond Center and our brand new Terre Haute Center (located inside the Terre Haute Children’s Museum). Each of our centers offers a unique blend of amenities including custom-crafted indoor gyms and individual therapy rooms. We are also proud to offer home and school based programming options.

We Offer More than ABA Therapy

At ABC, we offer a wide variety of high-quality services. These include: speech therapy (lead by duel-certified BCBA/SLPs), occupational therapy, behavior consultation, special needs swim lessons, desensitization programming, a 100% effective researched based potty-training program and more.

We Serve the Entire Autism Spectrum Across a Broad Age Range

ABC proudly specializes in serving clients of all ages. From the stages of early intervention used with toddlers to the daily living skills training needed for teens on the spectrum, we have specialty staff for every client. Not only does every age group get their own specialized team of therapists, we also provide individualized programs and spaces within our centers for their treatment, including peer interactions.

We Offer Specialized Programming for Teens

Our L.I.F.E Program (Learning in Functional Environments) serves ages 10 and older. L.I.F.E is a full-day program that uses the science of ABA to teach skills that promote independence, quality of life and other functional skills. Children and teens in this program learn to work on functional skills within a simulated home environment and real life, community-based settings.

Important skills such as budgeting money, grocery shopping, peer interactions, doing laundry, personal hygiene and more are worked on within this program. All therapy within our LIFE Program is seamlessly blended with our Behavior Consulting, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy services on an as-needed basis.

We Provide Full Insurance Management Services (Free of Charge)

At ABC, we understand that there are several stresses and pressures that come with searching for the right services for your child. Sorting through insurance struggles should not be another stressor added to that list. Because of this, our trained team of experts handles all insurance processing on behalf of our clients. This is a service that we offer to all families completely free of charge.

We Also Offer Home Therapy Programs

ABC offers services across a variety of locations. Although center-based is our most popular option, we also offer school-based, community-based and home-based programs. Our home-based programs can be provided throughout Central and Southern Indiana.

Real Kids. Real Stories. Real Testimonials.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our Facebook page and website are filled only with real kids, real stories & real testimonials. To learn more about the exciting progress happening at ABC, like us at or visit us at

To inquire about services, call us at 317-849-KIDS ext. 112 or email us at

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