December Business Spotlight: Autism Parent Care

Language, communication and social skills are natural components of a Montessori pre-school, common deficits found in autism. Skills such as these are acquired in the natural setting alongside peers in fun and functional activities. ABA therapy is an evidenced based program teaching communication and social practices to individuals with autism. Autism Parent Care combines the two, for the best of both worlds.

Our staff includes a PhD who studies the brain, a BCBA and Clinical therapists. A unique part of the APC intervention is the availability of a periodic brain scan, demonstrating re-wiring as a result of intervention. Visualization of wiring allows us to know which brain pathways have made long term changes, alongside generalization of knowledge. Traditional ABA therapy methods are honored in a friendly, caring and functional environment which allows our clients to interact within their world in conjunction with peers.

Effortless learning takes place when children learn from peers, making it more meaningful and dynamic. Both the Montessori program and facets of ABA therapy are applied on a daily basis, unique to each client yet supported by staff members working in collaboration. Working collaboratively with outside sources such as Speech, OT, PT, HIPPO and Music therapies provides a well-rounded program for each individual.

One client began as a quiet and withdrawn little girl, after two weeks in our unique program, her father commented on the growth of her vocabulary and how she now has a word for “everything” and will readily share them with those around her. She has quickly learned how to navigate her environment, her world is now open to include peers and adults alike.

Parent Testimonial 11/5/14


As any parent with a child on the spectrum all you pray for is for your child to have a “normal” childhood and educational experience. I looked at various programs for children on the spectrum and felt there was something missing. The Montessori program addressed ALL aspects I was personally looking for, not just behavioral. It addressed education, socialization, individualized learning while maintaining my child in a small classroom setting with other children. A child on the spectrum can have any number of behavioral or cognitive issues and the most impressive aspect of the evaluation process was the Brain Mapping. Often parents are asked to fill out a plethora of questions only, but with the Brain Mapping I could see exactly what parts of my daughter’s brain were on, off, or low functioning. Not to mention this was a very short non-evasive process.

Upon entry to this innovative program I saw immediately the verbal increase in my daughter. She has ABA therapy during class while receiving classroom instruction and additional one-on-one in the afternoon. In addition to the excellent support services, the Montessori program fosters an environment where other children exhibit empathy, friendship, and an explorative self-paced learning with the incorporation of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This is a rare find. Every day my daughter his happy to go to school, excited about education and well cared for. Her educational potential is personal to her, but that fact that she is excited about education is a step in the right direction toward success. I couldn’t ask for a better program and competent staff.

While this setting may not be for every child I would invite parents of a child on the spectrum to consider this as an additional option.

Janetta McKenzie, LSW, MS

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