3rd Graders and iRead

At j&R Tutoring Academy we have had one student test at grade level in reading comprehension! Since we pull from five different school districts with different reading programs, there is no way to determine what the underlying problems may be.

Children often score high on our diagnostic in sight words and phonics, but well below grade level in comprehension. Current reading programs emphasize the ability to read passages without making mistakes. As a result, the children focus on being able to sound out/read the correct words.

The energy taken for this may not leave time to absorb the written words themselves. The student is reading words, but not comprehending.

Comprehension is a higher level skill. It must be developed. That development takes time.

This past January we were literally deluged with parents who suddenly realized that their third grader may not be equipped to pass iRead. As a result, we developed a special iRead preparation program.

Our program focuses on the same reading and comprehension skills and applications the test covers.

Unfortunately parents tend not to worry about iRead until after the first of the year. At that point there is about three months until iRead. Although that may seem like a long time, in tutoring time it is about 24 hours. Is that enough time to fill in the gaps?

By enrolling your third grader in our special iRead Prep program, you will provide him or her with the tools necessary to fly through iRead!

Reading is the foundation of all learning, and that foundation is built in the early elementary years. Make it a strong one!

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