Randy and Margo's Story

Randy and Margo’s Story

First grade was a rough year for our son. We were seeing meltdowns that should not have occurred for a child his age both at home and reports of them from school. The teacher was concerned there may be something else going on. During the course of first grade we tried to figure out how to get to the root of this challenge. Counseling helped a little, and we tried some natural supplements but we needed something more and we knew that medication would be the last resort. We had never heard about Brain Balance until we saw some information one day while at a local grocery store. We felt like this might be the answer we were looking for.

The Brain Balance program helped to solve our son’s challenges at the root of the problem without medication. Our son is now in third grade and we have been done with the program for a year. We have stayed committed to the nutritional strategies as well as continuing some of the recommendations we learned through the program. Brain Balance helped our son to go from literally running from school and having daily behavior problems that were leading to academic challenges to now needing only limited individualized attention, improved behavior at home and at school, and better overall focus.

Because of Brain Balance and the wonderful support he received there as well as the daily support he receives at school, we don’t have as many challenges with our son as a couple of years ago. "

~Randy & Margo Wheeler


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