Mireille's Story

Our six year old daughter, Mireille, attended the VBCA for the summer program. We researched a number of options for her and felt most comfortable with the ability of the VBCA staff to walk us through how to begin what was all a very new process to us. We were concerned about our daughter beginning first grade in a new school setting with some gaps in pragmatic social skills and we hoped spending the summer at the VBCA would be a good transition time to help prepare her for a successful school year in the fall.

Mireille does not typically feel safe in a new setting with new faces and new routines. However, from her very first day at the Center, Mireille was excited and happy and looking forward to returning the next morning. We saw progress and pride blossom in her that we had never seen before. She came home chatting about her new friends and told us stories about her activities that day. This was all so new and encouraging for us to hear from her! She clearly felt an instant connection with her peers at the VBCA and safety with the adults.

The staff always greets us with a smile and shows us with their attitudes that they see their work as more than a job, but as an investment in children. Sabrina is an expert in helping us wade through questions related to logistics like insurance, scheduling, and timelines. I can always count on a prompt reply from the appropriate staff member when I have a question.

We are very excited to see how proud our daughter feels of her own accomplishments and how motivated she is to use her new skills in a variety of environments. We still have areas to continue working on and we know the Center will continue to be a valuable and reliable resource.

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