Medication Free - One Family's Story

Not even sure where to begin except for WOW, THANK YOU Brain Balance. Our journey started when my son was in kindergarten and consistently coming home with notes from his teacher. At a loss we started a conversation with our pediatrician who indicated that he had ADHD symptoms but not enough to make a diagnosis. In first grade the behavior continued. In January we met with a therapist (to learn coping mechanisms) and psychiatrist (for prescription management) and received an ADHD diagnosis. He began taking medication in January 2013 and we saw an improvement.

At this time we were questioning if medication was best for him as we had seen a change in his personality, he was very emotional, got angry very easily, had low self-esteem, would quit if he wasn’t winning and had lost a lot of weight because he was never hungry. I started researching our options and came across Brain Balance.

We started at Brain Balance not really knowing what to expect. Our biggest immediate change came when we had the food sensitivity test done and worked with the nutritionist. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in the lives of our ENTIRE family.

My husband and I started doing extensive research ourselves on ADHD diagnosis and diet and decided that even when our elimination diet was over we were going to stay with many of the changes that we had adopted. Since we had maintained this diet for several months we decided to try and take my son off of medication and see what happened. Well, we are now medication free for 3 months and I am seeing my son’s true personality come out. He is happy, funny and not emotional anymore. He can focus on a task and accept mistakes without tears.

All of this is possible because we went through Brain Balance. I firmly believe it is because of Brain Balance that we are medication free.


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