Alex's Story

Brain Balance has been an amazing experience for my son Alex. Before Alex started Brain Balance he was anxious about school. Alex often times would get frustrated, after trying only once or twice when doing his homework. Alex could not tie his shoe nor ride a bike without training wheels.

After Brain Balance, I have seen a major transformation in Alex. One of the most significant changes that happened is that he became more present in his own learning. What I mean by that is Alex is dyslexic, but by doing the exercises from Brain Balance he became more determined to rise above his learning difference. Alex is not nearly as anxious about school, and homework did not have to be forced down his throat. He has shown great strides in reading. I find, that as we are out and about Alex is reading every sign he possible can. Alex can tie his shoe, and very well I might add. He also is riding a mountain bike without training wheels. That is a huge accomplishment. His balance and coordination has greatly improved, which has lead him to level up in his swim lessons.

I know that when it comes to our children, we want the best for them. I truly believe that giving your child the gift of Brain Balance is a gift that just keeps giving. I'm so grateful that my son has had the opportunity to go through Brain Balance. I am also very thankful to the wonderful staff that not only supported my son, but me and my husband as well.


Charisse Alexander-Murphy

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