Apps for Kids - August 2014

Welcome to the August 2014 Apps for Kids. Each month we highlight five different apps designed just for children. We welcome your comments and feedback and would love for you to share your experience with any of these apps and if you have one you'd recommend

Quick Fractions

Hate fractions? That’s ok! Quick Fractions is here to help you master one of the most troublesome areas of mathematics!

Perfect for those just starting out with fractions, more advanced students, or even adults looking for a challenge.


- Equivalence: create equivalence with fractions, decimal and percentages.

- Compare: use estimation and fraction knowledge to compare fractions, decimals and percentages.

- Addition and subtraction: use mental arithmetic to add and subtract using proper and improper fractions and mixed numerals.

- Multiplication and division: use mental arithmetic to multiply and divide using proper and improper fractions and mixed numerals.


- Operations games scaffold the process for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, and the new help section gives some handy reminders if you get stuck!

- Practice creating equivalence with and comparing fractions, decimals and percentages, enhancing understanding of how the three relate.

- Handwriting answers means students work out the answer instead of guessing from a range of presented options.

- Track progress in each mode and difficulty level. Keep practicing to improve your score and unlock new avatars.recommend.

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Sentence Builder

A fun new sentence builder app is designed to learn about words, sentences, pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation.

The ONLY sentences app that can be fully customized with your own pictures, words and sentences. We worked closely with teachers, parents and kids to design and test this app.



•Sight Words





•Teacher approved content

•Two different levels


•First Grade

•Second Grade

Students can move the words around to build the sentence themselves. Start with the built-in sentences, then create your own sentences, use your own images, and use your voice to record your own sentences and words. Each word can be clicked for the sound of the word, and words can be rearranged to make a proper sentence.

The app starts with simple sentences and progresses to more complex sentences. The sentences focus on daily life situations, with many references to numbers, colors, and dialogue.

This app is ideal for self-paced learning or home schooling. It teaches kids grammar, sentence structure, and develops their listening skills.

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Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series

A free series of interactive, animated stories for learners up to age 6

• Designed by Stanford University researchers and Emmy Award-winning animators

• Complementary Parent’s Pad feature helps you support your child's development

• Characters inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, and other historical figures

• 5-star ratings from USA Today, Common Sense Media, and more

• Winner of a 2013 Family Choice Award

• No third-party ads

Leo’s Pad is an interactive, animated series of “appisodes” designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners, in which your child will join a young Leonardo da Vinci and his friends on big adventures filled with exciting games woven seamlessly into the stories.

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Sudoku Junior

The first Pictorial and Educational Sudoku available on the Apple App Store

'BEST APPS FOR KIDS' rated it: 5/5 (Overall), 5/5 (Quality), 5/5 (Education), 5/5 (Value), 5/5 (Child Friendly) and described it as "The Best of the Best"

*New brain-boosting Pictorial Sudoku puzzles for all ages to train memory and logic

*An Educational and Learning Platform for the 4+ age group

*250+ stunning picture icons under 24 game categories such as Animals, Famous Monuments, Sports and Science.

*Pop-up fascinating and fun facts about each image, such as “The Statue of Liberty is over 305 feet tall” and “Microwave radiation lies between radio and infrared frequencies.”

*4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 9 x 9 grids with 3 levels of difficulty.

*Settings for age groups 4-10 yrs and 10+ yrs

*Perfect for Teachers, Parents, Family, Students, and Classrooms

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Epic! - Books for Kids

Epic! is the only ALL-YOU-CAN-READ eBook library for kids 12 and under with thousands of high quality children’s books, streamed instantly to your iPad.

With over 5,000 books available now and more than 300 new titles added each week, Epic! has been called the “Netflix of kids books” – it’s an unlimited library your kids can take anywhere!

Books on Epic! come from leading publishers (National Geographic, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins etc.) and are carefully selected by teachers and children’s book experts.

The Epic! library contains everything from picture books to chapter books, early readers, comic books, graphic novels, non-fiction titles, educational books and junior novels.

Well-known books and series include “Olivia,” “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” “The Berenstain Bears,” “Charlie Brown,” “Click Clack Moo,” “The Chronicles of Narnia,” “Batman,” “Ramona,” “Roscoe Riley Rules,” “Warriors,” “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” “Flat Stanley,” “My Weird School,” ”Nancy Drew,” “Scaredy Squirrel,” “Big Nate,” “Pirates of Underwhere” and more.

Epic! now offers audio enabled “read-to-me” picture books too!

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