Swim Lessons at the Applied Behavior Center

History of ABC Swim Lessons

Beginning in 1995, the CEO and Founder of The Applied Behavior Center Sherry Quinn’s son Michael was diagnosed with Autism. After searching nationwide for the care that he needed, Sherry discovered ABA therapy. Because this programming was not offered in Indiana at the time, she decided to open her own company to offer swimming out of the pool in her backyard for all children affected by any type of developmental disability. Soon after, the company began offering therapy and behavior consulting services for children with Autism.

Over 100 children and teens went through the program and successfully learned to swim through their ABA based swim program. The program expanded and eventually developed into The Applied Behavior Center for Autism. The company is now the largest ABA treatment center in Indiana.

Special Needs Swim Program Details

The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is once again opening its swim program to children and teens with any developmental disabilities for one-on-one private swim lessons at our newly opened indoor therapeutic pool. Because each child is unique, our swim program develops customized swim lesson plans in accordance with each child’s abilities and preferences in mind. We break down the swimming process as needed into small and achievable steps. For some, this first step might even begin with tolerating putting their feet in the water.

Some children cannot wait to get into the water, while others require initial lessons that focus on steps to conquer fears. With patience and individual attention, our certified instructors teach swimmers the importance of water safety. Whether your child has a fear of water, is dangerously drawn to water, or just needs to learn swimming skills, we will work with them through every step of the process through a carefully customized program.

For all children, water can be highly dangerous if not fully understood. Children with developmental disabilities are at an even higher degree of risk around water. Recent statics show that drowning is the leading cause of death for children with Autism, the highest injury-related cause of death for children ages 1-4 and the third highest cause of death among all children and teens. (CDC)

ABC’s swim program offers one on one private lessons in our indoor therapeutic pool. The facility offers two separate locker room facilities with changing areas, lockers and showers. In addition, all swimming materials such as floatation devices and toys are provided. To learn more about the program, please contact our Aquatic Director at Carolyn@AppliedBehaviorCenter.org.

Special Needs Water Safety

To learn more about water safety for your child with special needs, please take a moment to view our webinar taught though About Special Kids. During this one-hour presentation, our staff teaches the importance of water safety both in and out of the home for families of children with special needs.

You can find the webinar by visiting AboutSpecialKids.org and clicking on the “training” tab.

Swim Enrollment

To enroll in our special needs swim program contact Aquatic Director Carolyn Sprehe at Carolyn@appliedbehaviorcenter.org.

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