July Education Spotlight: Learning Time Preschool

In the Fall of 1974, Learning Time Preschool opened its first school, housed in the classrooms of a small local church. It was the goal of Learning Time to provide high quality educational programs for young children. The school began offering classes for three and four year old children who desired a part-time learning experience. Soon the program was expanded to include two year olds as well an extended day option. As family needs changed, many requested Learning Time to offer a full day program, with expanded hours. In 1988, my husband and I designed our first free-standing building near 91st and Meridian, and opened Learning Time North.

The school was designed to provide classroom sizes that exceeded the minimum state licensing requirements, a dining room, and a large muscle room. Rooms were designed to provide a warm, home-like environment, rather than a typical school setting. Classrooms were equipped to offer Language Arts, Creative Arts , as well as Large Motor Activities. Children had a home room, but were able to move throughout the day to the various classrooms to experience the specific activities offered in each area. Within the next several years, two additional locations opened, Learning Time West and Learning Time Geist. The schools now offer classes for Infants thru Four Year Olds, as well as both Jr. and Sr. Kindergarten classes.

Early childhood experiences remain the focus of our educational program since our opening in 1974. Because I desired a sequential learning experience for children, as well as the ability to expand and introduce new teaching concepts as they became available, I personally wrote the daily lesson plans for each classroom. I continue to do this in order to maintain our reputation of offering a high quality educational program for young children. We incorporate many of the same educational materials and programs as used in our public schools, and continue to maintain the reputation of high quality educational experiences.

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