Brain Balance: Braydon's Story

Braydon, 10, has always been a very happy and positive child, but he struggled a little too much in school. He was still an average student with solid C’s with an occasional D+ or B-. He did not like to read, had difficulty with Math story problems, poor handwriting, and was horrible at taking notes. Through the work here at Brain Balance he has become a different student.

Within the first four weeks he made such improvements that even his teachers were asking what we did. With a few simple exercises he practiced at home plus the work at the achievement center his grades jumped to All A’s with the occasional B. He went from hating to read to reading every book he could get his hands on. The turnaround was amazing!

While working with his school during his annual I.E.P. (Individual Education Program) the compliments just flowed on what an amazing change in his school work! He had improved so much that some of the help he was receiving was no longer needed. A long with the improved school work his confidence and self esteem has rocketed.

~ Shannon & Raoul, mom & dad

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