Summertime with ABC

As the excitement of summer fills the air, children look forward to temporary freedom from school bells, textbooks, and worksheets. While this annual break from school results in some loss of previous learning, most students are able to regain the knowledge quickly once the school doors open again. Unfortunately, for children with autism, who often do not acquire skills at a rate as quickly as their peers, this annual regression is much more pronounced, and its effects are longer lasting with greater implications. In fact, a significant portion of the subsequent school year becomes dedicated to “re-teaching” instead of new learning. At The Applied Behavior Center for Autism (ABC), we provide services that stop regression before it begins. We tailor therapy programs to confront the unique challenges and opportunities that children with autism encounter during the summertime.

Blending the fun of summer with the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy is our specialty at ABC. During summer months, our patients enjoy more frequent community outings, outdoor play, and outside social activities. Summertime at ABC is so much fun that patients do not realize how much they are learning. Parents, on the other hand, do notice a transformation in their children. Parents tend to report the same improvements at home as those reflected in our data and graphs: increased language use and decreased problem behaviors!

Our beautiful facilities feature the following amenities: top-of-the-line outdoor play structures, art and craft rooms, computer labs, game rooms, and indoor custom-themed gyms complete with swings, play structures and a ball pit. The Carmel center just unveiled a large, indoor, therapeutic pool that will be available to patients who attend centers around the Indianapolis metro area.

What Type of Therapy Does ABC Do?

All six of our locations treat patients with autism on a one-on-one basis with a treatment known as applied behavior analysis (ABA).

ABA therapy uses proven procedures to increase desired behaviors, such as speech, social and daily living skills, and decrease unwanted behaviors, such as tantrums and aggression. These techniques can be used in structured settings (e.g., classrooms and therapy clinics) and more natural settings (e.g., playgrounds and restaurants). ABA has been used successfully with people of all ages, with and without disabilities, in a variety of settings to promote independence, quality of life, and happiness.

Once a child receives a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it’s important to find treatment options that address your child’s specific difficulties and maximize his/her strengths. ABA therapy has the best track record of scientifically demonstrating effectiveness. At The Applied Behavior Center for Autism, we strive to set your child on a course for future success.

Whether your family is seeking year-round therapy or a therapeutic boost during the summer months, The Applied Behavior Center for Autism has an option for you.

To learn more about The Applied Behavior Center for Autism, contact Jenny Lanham, Director of Business Development at 317-849-5437, ext 112.

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