Brain Balance: Jazmyn's Story

Jazmyn is a loving, funny, kind-hearted 9 year old who struggled with learning her whole life. Learning the alphabet, reading and simple math equations left her frustrated, angered and hopeless about learning. Not only were academics a problem, but she also struggled with social and behavior issues. Jazmyn would have difficulties making new friends her own age and was afraid to venture on her own. Jazmyn was unable to ride a bike, sit through an entire movie without getting motion sickness or even sled down a snow hill without fear and anxiety. She has seen many doctors with many different diagnoses, prescription medications were given and suggestions of therapy and tutoring. We tried everything the doctors told us to do with no glimmer of hope because we were at our wits end! After Jazmyn's initial evaluation and finding out she has a left hemisphere deficiency, it all made sense to us. It was not just ADHD, or Dyslexia, Jazmyn had so many other issues that no one could figure out, or they viewed them as all separate diagnoses. 36 sessions later, a change to her food regiment, vitamins and home exercises for the brain, Jazmyn wants to go to school, is improving in math and reading, and has a new group of her friends her own age! Jazmyn went sledding for the first time this winter and loved it! She had no fear or anxiety! We look forward to teaching her how to ride her bike this Spring. We are thankful for discovering Brain Balance and their non-medical, realistic, caring and compassionate approach to help a struggling child, and frustrated parents.

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