April Business Spotlight

As the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders has increased, so has the need for high quality services. With this in mind and knowing there are so many parents in the Hamilton County area affected, we have opened our 6th center based facility in Carmel to be centrally located featuring a therapeutic indoor pool, custom built indoor playground, outdoor playground, and so much more. We know the earlier we can get children diagnosed with autism into treatment, the more successful they will become in the future. Many of the children we see do not have a way to communicate, which is at the heart of most behavior issues. We start by teaching each child to communicate while also working on behavior, daily living skills, and social skills on a 1:1 ratio. At the Carmel Center, typical peers will also be present, and therapeutic opportunities for interaction will be incorporated into many children’s individualized programs. For example, one of our children is learning age-appropriate play behavior by modeling the behavior she sees in a typical peer. The typical peer will play with a race car or small toy animals. Then the therapist will prompt them to mimic or imitate the typical peer’s play with the toy. Gradually, the therapist will fade out any instruction so the child begins to learn from their peers. These are just some examples where early intervention and therapy for children with autism can give these children the skills to interact socially and within groups. For a child with autism who learns language and how to communicate at a younger age, he or she is likely to have fewer behavioral problems and begin to build the skills needed in individual and group learning situations. This opens a whole new world for the child and gives the family more hope for the future. Who might be an appropriate candidate for our Carmel Center? Children 2 & up who have a diagnosis of autism. This center features 2 separate distinct areas for different kids so that they are around peers and have access to the appropriate reinforcers, learning materials, and technology. Each child has their own tablet that is used for learning and reinforcement throughout the day. Some children will transition into a classroom setting and go on to school settings, while other children will be on a more intensive therapy track. If you have a child at home who exhibits language delays, problem behaviors, or you have a feeling something isn’t right with your child’s development, call us. We can help with diagnosis, and if that diagnosis is autism, then we can find the right therapy for your child. Please also feel free to contact us for services at any of our other locations throughout central Indiana. To learn more about how The Applied Behavior Center for Autism improves language and social skills and decreases problem behaviors, contact Jenny Lanham, Director of Business Development, at 317-849-5437, ext. 112.

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