Brain Balance: Meet Duane

My son, Duane is in the 4th grade. He had challenges in academics, coordination, conversation with others, outbursts, and staying focused. He has struggled in school since kindergarten. I noticed in 3rd grade, he was falling more behind each grading period. He was in 3rd grade reading 1st grade level and comprehending on a kindergarten level. The teachers said he couldn’t stay focused and instead of participating in class, he would color pictures. Homework was always an issue. It would take the entire evening to do one page of homework. I didn’t want medication to be an option. If so, I want to know that I tried everything possible. Brain Balance was my last hope. They gave me answers to why he wasn’t learning and the tools to make him better.

After 3 months with Brain Balance, I have seen amazing improvements. All the things they said would happen was working. Duane lost 10 pounds. He gained positive self confidence and understood the things that he put into his body affected his brain’s ability to function properly. He was able to focus on his homework for longer periods of time. He display patience and seem less frustrated. He takes deep breaths when he feels anxious. He now takes pride in his neat handwriting. He is even learning to write cursive. He participates in class discussions. I can have an in-depth conversation with him. I’m so proud and excited to say that he made Honor Roll! We are going to a dinner to recognize his accomplishments. He went from not learning the school material to advancing two grade levels in reading and comprehension. He also, helps me with his two-year old sister and chores around the house. I am so thankful for Brain Balance. They are the missing link to my son’s development. I stepped out on faith and went into the program full force. And the results are more than I could have ever imagined. It really works. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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